Based on recent poll results showing more than 70 percent of respondents are planning a summer getaway, is declaring that summer travel is back on.
However, the poll also revealed that barely more than 25 percent of people thought that summer travel was back “in all its glory,” so finding ways to stretch travel dollars is still critical. To help travelers get the most out of their trips this summer, and beyond, Cheapflights is kicking off a new “How To” series that provides tips, tricks and guidelines for getting deals, saving money and traveling like a pro.

The poll asked users “what are your summer vacation plans?” The choices for answers were “still in staycation mode, money is tight,” “I need to get away, even for a short trip,” or “back to summer travel in all its glory.” While almost 29 percent reported they were still in staycation mode, 44 percent voted for the need to get away even for a short break and 27 percent claimed that summer travel was back in full swing.

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