By: Jerry Limone October 12, 2010

Starwood on Tuesday unveiled new guestroom designs for Westin and Sheraton hotels. The room designs will be featured in new hotels and renovation projects globally.

Westin’s new rooms include an accent table that folds out to fit a room-service tray or laptop; an expanded closet housing shelves and the mini-bar; and a bench that doubles as a luggage rack that can be stored.

Sheraton’s new bedside tables have built-in outlets that face beds, facilitating easy charging of electronics. Armchairs are paired with ottomans that can be stored beneath seats, creating additional living area space.

Also, Sheraton rooms feature an LED nightlight, enabling guests to find their way in an unfamiliar space without turning on the lights. Westin rooms incorporate adjustable LED reading lights in the headboard.

Starwood said the Westin redesigns were “inspired by natural elements, featuring neutral color palettes, natural woods and stone.”

Developers have two design choices for Westin: Classic and Modern. Westin Classic takes inspiration from forms of art deco, and Westin Modern has a “contemporary, timeless sensibility without being trendy,” Starwood said.

Sheraton’s new rooms “portray a sense of occasion and heritage by utilizing rich color palettes with pops of accent colors and modern interpretations of classic herringbone, basket-weave and geometric patterns,” Starwood said.

Sheraton also has two designs from which developers can choose.

Sheraton Revival is inspired by the Regency revival of the early 20th century. “Furniture profiles have curved corners and textiles have curved, interlocking patterns, all of which are complemented by the design’s rich color palette of camel and tan with accents of plum and black,” Starwood said.

Sheraton Heritage is inspired by the Regency period of the late 18th and early 19th century. “Notched arch details are featured in most furnishings and complemented by geometric patterns in the room’s textiles and carpets,” Starwood said.

The first Westin hotels to use the new room designs will be the Westin Phoenix, which is scheduled to open February 2011, and the Westin Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, which will complete a full renovation in early 2011.

The first Sheraton hotels to feature new room designs will be the Sheraton Red Deer in Alberta and the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center, which are scheduled to be renovated in early 2011.

The new room schemes were created by Starwood’s in-house design team led by Erin Hoover.

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